24 things i did/that happened to me when i was 24.

Once again, it’s that time of the year!

24 things i did/that happened to me when i was 24. (of which is not in any significant order)

Found love. I’m excited – SOON <3

I’ve learned about emotional trauma and forgiveness more than i had the past years of my life. Like a cousin said, I’ve finally grown up. And I really do think i did. I’m just glad that my child-like wonder and love for life hasn’t been affected much. I’m still a relatively happy/positive person despite all the crap that had happened. :P

My first plane trip – Travelled to Bali! Was freaking awesome.

Went to Universal Studios! It was amazing, my first time riding a roller coaster that goes upside down. It’s only 90 seconds, but definitely the best 90 seconds of my life!

Learnt a thing or two about self confidence and independence. (Yes, i can wash my own clothes and clean my own kitchen now! :D)

Drove a car. Yes it’s automatic, and I still haven’t got my licence but the fact that I actually tried it and didn’t crash into anything/died makes me so happy! I will do my best to get a licence next year if everything goes as planned. :)

Mummy and art of brick exhibition! It’s pretty cool.

Got to see Aerosmith live!

A new job – well it’s the same job, just a different environment. It is so far the coolest place I’ve ever worked in. This is a definitely a dream come true! (Seriously guys, this is literally a dream i had since forever) Got to meet/work with awesome people too! :)

Working overseas for the first time! YES NEW FREAKING ZEALANDDDDD

Living in a freaking house house!

Met one of my favourite artist, Mr John Howe. Yes, I’m sooo happy.

First ever road trip experience in NZ’s North Island!

Seen mountains and beautiful scenery. As of now, there’s nothing I can complain about in New Zealand. Everything is just perfect. (Except maybe I do miss arcade games. :P)

Visited the Waitomo Caves. Man, it’s so trippy. I love it.

Abseiling/flying fox in a cave! Caving too!

Went to hobbiton!
Seen snow. Now what’s left for me to do is to touch/roll around it :P1486172_609734972407946_972118140_o

Tried a hot spring! Sooo relaxing. Saw geysers too!

Possibly attended the biggest/coolest party ever. I’m not even a party person and i loved it!

Visited rivendell.
According to this height chart, i am in between Gimli and Gandalf. :Driver river2 river3 shoes

Walked to the base of the pinnacle. Crossed some rivers too! The hike was tiring but the view makes it all worth it. :)
1012798_10151946977004475_639328497_n 1536478_10151946976849475_306058891_n 1544960_10151946976799475_937489211_n

Being able to see this everyday on my way to work. I can’t begin to explain how much i appreciate NZ’s everyday beauty.

Lived without Internet for six months. It’s cheating, I have data on my phone…but let’s never do that again.

This year had the crappiest start, but it got better and better, and it turned out to be the best year of my life so far. I truly appreciate the close friendships i have forged in a short amount of time, you know who you are.
Looking forward to what the future would bring!
Happy birthday to me, and may you have an awesome 2014! Take care! :)


Road trip!

Just some pictures here so I won’t forget the awesome weekend. The rest of them are in my tumblr in the dooblydoo—–>
so many crazy things I did for the first time! Seen snow, geysers, pretty hills/lakes/rivers/mountains, went to hobbiton, hugged Pickles the Shire cat, rolled around in the grass, seen the glow worm caves, caving, abseiling, flying fox, tubing, almost drowned but thank goodness friends got my back, took a leap of faith and jumped off a waterfall in the cave, and then later free climbed 2 waterfalls! Yep. Definitely the best weekend of my life so far. I’m so happy and glad to be alive and exactly where I am right now. :)









Up up and away!

Too many awesome things, too little time! I will be abandoning WordPress for a while unless I have something really important that needs a wall of text that I need to remember. I’m spending so much time enjoying life/work and blogging on the phone is such a hassle! In the mean time, you can follow me on twitter or tumblr in the side links, those will be updated regularly. TTFN everyone! Thank you for being such a fan! :P

The house

Thought I would just spam pictures of where I am living now below. I like how my room on level 2 has a creepy room behind the cupboard like from the conjuring. Haha. From now on, pictures will be small as I am exclusively blogging on my phone. Also trying to save on data. Bad earthquake hit again today. On the good side, we got to leave work when the sun is still out. Let’s hope I won’t die anytime soon. We live by the beach so a tsunami is very much possible.












Carnival, movies, rainbows and finally a home!!

Currently blogging on the smartphone since connection is crappy here. Bunch of tiny pictures below.

So last week Indah and I went to buy a mattress (to put on the floor) for our new house last Friday. We went to Porirua and it was such an amazing sight to see. I guess my eyes are still not used to the beauty of NZ. And i wish it never will. Still the wide-eyed girl i was 3 weeks ago. Went to watch The Wolverine and The Conjuring yesterday. They are both pretty awesome shows.

Also went to a carnival. There was a freaking rainbow! It was a nice pasar malam-ish kinda thing but not at night. I had the best Mexican tacos and chocolate crepe ever. LOVE IT.

Finally we moved! Spent the whole Sunday buying things for the house. I shall upload pictures later once everything is more settled.









Earthquakes, Indomee, museum, and bunking!!

So last Sunday morning, i went to the Te Papa museum. I didn’t really explore it, just had time for the first level, which is about the species found in NZ. It is pretty cool. IMG_0108IMG_0112

Hey look! A colossal squid (and its organs). SO AWESOME. IMG_0111 IMG_0110 IMG_0109  IMG_0107Bones and shells. IMG_0106 IMG_0105
Found a bird found Kaka! Like how i call my sis. HEHE.IMG_0114 IMG_0104
The walk on the way and back from the museum was so peaceful. It’s such a pretty place to enjoy the scenery.IMG_0115This photo is here cause i am just happy i am finally able to use my leg warmers in a cold country! I think i own this for about 10 years! :P (Little) dream come true. IMG_0102 IMG_0101 IMG_0100Freaking seagulls everywhere, is a constant reminder that there’s water surrounding us. I realise that even the species of sparrows and pigeons are different from Singapore. They are mostly fatter. HEHE. I haven’t seen any mynahs at all though. Just sparrows, pigeons and seagulls. 

It was scary at night though as the crazy earthquakes happened. Apparently it was a 6.9 on the scale and it cracked the wall in my hotel. I kept waking up in horror.
Indah’s room right below mine had it worse.
Thank goodness i managed to calm down with a little help (<3) and everything was fine. Now i can say i survived an earthquake! Hahaha, that’s awesome to say.

Some more random pictures of NZ. Even in the car, there’s just so much beautiful view for my eyes to take in. So far so good, i am truly in love with Wellington.IMG_0135 IMG_0134

IMG_0116 IMG_0133 IMG_0132 IMG_0130IMG_0117

Indah and Adrian have been kind enough to drive me wherever i needed to go, and i really appreciated that. Also Indah taught me the art of cooking the perfect Indomee!IMG_0125Hahahahha. The life of a bachelor(ette). Instant noodles. :P
Right now, we are bunking at Adrian’s place. His house has an awesome view.IMG_0154 IMG_0152 IMG_0151 IMG_0147

Yep. It is such and amazing feeling to wake up to this view every morning.

That is not all. Last Saturday night, he brought Indah and i near Red Rocks to see the stars. I could not believe it myself. There’s sooooo many stars in the sky, without all those light pollution. I got sucked in. I lied down on the ground for an hour just looking at the sky.
This is the image that he took after the hour has passed.       
I saw 7 shooting stars that night. Seems that they are more common than i thought. Well, still made my wishes anyway. :P 

Okay it’s time for me to crash now. Have an awesome week!